Monday, February 18, 2013

Legislating Prejudice

The issue of political dynasty is not about politicians and their relatives. Political dynasty is a reflection of our problematic voting culture. No matter how hard we try, and even if there prevails an antidynasty law, we would still be in deep doo-doo simply because we have missed the real issue.

It's not about stopping relatives of politicians from running for office; it's about changing the way we vote. It's about voting for the candidate best-suited for the job regardless of his or her last name.

An antidynasy law can not and should not substitute for voters' maturity. We should never legislate discernment. Sadly, an antidynasty law will only succeed in legislating prejudice.


  1. What happenede to Loticia's peeeechur? :)

    1. It's still there. Kelangan lang i-click. Nasa banda kaliwa. Baka ibahin ko nga hitsura nito mamya. :)