Monday, January 28, 2013

Guardian Angels

It's a classic case of barking up the wrong tree when we start ganging up on the guard on duty everytime something bad happens in a mall. Really, what can guards do to prevent determined people from bring in guns to the mall? Given the rules they operate by, it's not so hard to slip in a gun. 

Exactly what do we want from our mall guards? Do we really want guards to start groping on our crotches? Because that's one of the ideal places to hide a gun -- or a knife (but that would really be uncomfortable). Also, would we relish enduring long queues going into the mall? If we wish guards to be thorough, then they would have to spend more time with each mall patron, frisking them and poking around their things, before they are allowed in. Doing that would undoubtedly irritate customers, bother the mall admin as a consequence, which would result in Kuyang Guard getting whipped.

Now, why not compel malls and similar commercial establishments to install those huge doorway metal detectors (whatever they're called) in every entrance? Instead of making scapegoats out of security guards, why not address the issue directly, admit that the rules are defective, and then revise them accordingly? Well, blaming the guards (not the security agency, mind you) makes more sense. It's cheaper.

Here's the context that my sister said this article lacks. :)

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