Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Senior Action Stars

Although childish, extremely unlawyerly and completely unbecoming of a Top Magistrate, the twist Corona tried to facilitate in the IC yesterday was quite impressive. The whole presentation, though, ended with a whimper when he tried to leave the Senate but was foiled. He then had to come back in a wheelchair (panindigan na ung hilo) to face a very irked JPE. Spit and run is not an actual legal maneuver. He should have stood his ground and insisted on the waiver challenge before going on with the trial. That would have earned him at least 86 macho points, I think.

On a connected note, bat kaya hindi si Pnoy ang hinamon niya ng bukasan ng dollar account, e si Pnoy naman ang major character sa istorya ng impeachment niya?

He ranted about how the vengeful Haciendero President used and abused his executive powers to persecute a hapless, airconless, diabetic Chief Justice, yet he shied away from a no-holds-barred bank acount duel.

Nabackground check niya na kaya si Pnoy at nalaman niyang walang dollar account ito? Di niya naisip kasi kapos ang imagination? Natakot? Nahiya?


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