Monday, January 9, 2012


I don't get pro-GMA people. I just don't.

Well, there are those who were able to benefit from her one way or another. Some of her cabalens visited her in St Lukes and declared their loyalty -- loyalty stemming from a dole-out culture. Silang mga nabigyan ng salapi, scholarships, basketball courts, waiting sheds, pustiso, etc.

Siyempre, yung mga politikong nakadikit pa din ke GMA ay ibang hayop ang mga yun. Maaring nakinabang sila ke GMA o me alam si GMA tungkol sa kanila (or both).

Then there are those who are pro-GMA simply because they're anti-Pnoy. It's a stupid way of going about it, but here we are. People should realize it's not always an either/or situation. One can actually be anti-Pnoy and be anti-GMA at the same time. The maxim "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is something that you use in war, methinks. In the pursuit of good governance, it shouldn't be as simple as that.

I rooted for Aquino during the last election. The operative word is "rooted," past tense. I stopped rooting for the guy when the Comelec declared a winner. After that, I decided to give the government the benefit of the doubt. I would have done the same thing regardless of who won the election. There are people who are still wearing their campaign shirts, still smarting from the election results, and it is through this lens that this present government is being appraised.


So far, wala pa namang nag-akusa ng pagnanakaw sa gobyernong ito, not even made-up ones. Kadalasan, personal na pambabastos ang ginagawa. Nandiyang tawagin ang presidente na abnoy, autistic, bakla, panot, etc. Pati playstation dinamay.

We gave GMA 9 years, what's wrong with giving this government 6 years?

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